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I'm in Sword Hell! That is literally the point of this! But, second person rambling fic-thing re: Kashuu Kiyomitsu and memento mori

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GW2 salad drabble thingy, slightly odd since written for school and so no actual description of Sylvari and Mother

Title: Memory

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Title: My friends

Setting: A place where the dead go after dying

Characters/Series: Totsuka Tatara mostly, Suoh Mikoto, mentions of others (All from K)

Warnings: Death, spoilers for all of K

Summary: Tatara’s reaction to the events of K after his death and his reaction to seeing Mikoto again. English lyrics to Circle of Friends found at [personal profile] 1145pm's profile. Not mine. Possibly hard to read because everyone apart from Tatara is referred to how he calls them in canon (or as the _ King / Black Dog if he never called them anything)


From his place in the afterlife, Totsuka Tatara watched as HOMRA was absorbed by their anger and desire for revenge for his death.

He tried telling them that they should just watch and remember the good memories, all the things he had recorded before that night, and leave finding and killing the Colorless King to Scepter 4 and the Black Dog, the young man who had helped him while having a fever. They wouldn’t lose their King that way; if King was allowed to, he’d abandon HOMRA to get his revenge. His Sword wouldn’t stay up much longer anyway.

He didn’t want that.

It was selfish, but he wanted King to stay with the people he’d had no choice but to leave behind.

He tried reminding them of his song, Circle of Friends, and hoped they remembered the meaning and knew it was for them. Even as time passes and our paths part, I want you to continue to protect. Without breaking, look straight ahead without looking back. That is what King’s power is for after all; protection, not vengeance.

He didn’t listen.

Tatara tried telling Yata and Saru-kun to stop fighting and talk over why Saru-kun had left HOMRA for Scepter 4. He knew, but that had been something for Saru-kun to tell Yata, not him. He tried telling Yata not to get angry at Saru-kun’s taunts and to stop saying “Mikoto-san” in his presence.

It didn’t work.

He watched as the young-yet-old Silver King, Shiro yet Weismann, talked to his old friend before finding the Colorless King. He wept when he realized that King would do it.

“No! Stop, King!” He couldn’t let him do this. He had to try. The Blue King had offered, why wouldn’t King listen? “Kusanagi-san, Anna, Yata, Kamamoto, Chitose, Eric, Fujishima, Shouhei, San-chan, Dewa…someone. You have to stop him.”

They didn’t. They couldn’t, really. That had always been his job.

He heard Kusanagi-san ask him to stop King and wept harder.

King killed the Colorless King. The Blue King killed King before his Sword of Damocles could fall. Tatara saw it all.


When King woke up and saw Tatara, he didn’t expect the fist that the pacifist tried to hit him with, or the sobs that shook the younger man’s body.

The blow didn’t hurt; Tatara had never been a fighter. The sobs did. He tilted his head, staring up at his friend. “Hey, shouldn’t you be happy?”

He hadn’t expected the glare either. “You left them. Why should I be happy that you left them without a leader, without their King?”

King shrugged. “You were avenged. They understand.”

For some reason he didn’t even really understand, he tried hitting King again. King caught his fist in one of his hands this time. “Idiot. Of course they understand. But I was…” He was the one that was supposed to stop King. He had always been the one who had stopped King before. He sighed. “They couldn’t have stopped you if they tried. You left Kusanagi-san and Anna alone. Wasn’t my death enough?”

King just stared at him, his hand easily holding Tatara’s fist. “They can adjust.”

“They shouldn’t need to – Anna lost two of her most important people in two weeks. Can’t you care about that? Or about Kusanagi-san?” He stared at his friend, trying to see if his eyes had changed any.

“They know why. They’ll get used to it.”

“What if they don’t? What if HOMRA falls apart because their King was too much of an idiot to let someone else get his revenge for him?”

King studied him for a moment. “You’re actually angry. Because I avenged you.”

Tatara threw his free hand up in the air, planting it on his hip after. “Of course I’m angry! You left them without a King." He sighed. "This is just like when I was playing shougi… The King is important to all the other pieces. He’s the leader. That’s why you lose if you don’t protect it. You left them without a direction. They would have been fine without me after a while, but without you? Without their King, their leader?” He shook his head. “They won’t recover from this easily. I wouldn’t be surprised if Anna stopped talking as much as she does. You were her ‘only warm place’ after all.”

The older man blinked. "You were listening?"

"Did you think I wouldn't? You're my family. The best one I've ever had."

King looked away. "But now you aren't alone."

"I was fine being alone! King, why don't you understand? I just wanted all of you to be happy..." Tears started falling down his face again. He hadn't known that you could cry after you died, but watching his family proved that you could.

He watched him, not caring that he was still holding Tatara's fist and that he had never stood up. "Are you really that upset?" This was the second time he'd ever seen Tatara cry. The first had been when he woke up here.

That question shocked a quiet laugh from Tatara, though he kept crying. "Did you really think I wouldn't be?"

King was about to answer, and then he saw the red glow below them.

They both fell silent as the young girl began singing, though her last cry had been one full of loss.

King released Tatara's hand and stood up, standing next to his friend and watching as his clansman sang and yelled away their sorrow. Tatara wiped his eyes, listening to their song.

They both started when Kusanagi-san joined in. When the song was over, Tatara smiled sadly at his friend. "Do you understand now? Kusanagi-san said it. Or thought it. You were the best king we could have asked for."

King just watched and realized what he had done. But he would have done it again. His clan is his. No one is allowed to take them away from him; they can leave if they want, but he'll still look after them. Just like Saru-kun.

He tched. "Doesn't change anything."

"Don't you feel anything for them?" Tatara planted his hands on his hips and looked up at his King.

He looked away again. "Aaa. But I can't do anything. It's fine, it's fine. It'll work out somehow... Right?"

Tatara smiled down at the group they'd called HOMRA sadly. "Somehow, I don't think it will be that simple for them."

Losing two people in such a short time is hard, after all. King looked around. "Did...the Silver King show up here?"

"I...didn't see him. Maybe he really is immortal." Tatara blinked. Colorless hadn't shown up either, but he feels like he's dead. King's flames had been directed at him after all.

King nodded. "He'd better find his way back to those two."

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Maybe I'll use this as a place to put stories or other things like that. Or muse lists or something. I need to find more Aly fanart


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